About Wasabi Japanese Grill & Bar and reviews

Wasabi Japanese Grill & Bar offers traditional Japanese food and a fine dining experience located in the heart of Cheyenne. We are a premier Japanese steakhouse and sushi restaurant with over 10 months of experience serving juicy steaks and artfully prepared sushi to Cheyenne residents.In addition to our Japanese cuisine options, we offer a full service bar where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance.

Our Japanese steakhouse prides itself in serving only the finest grade meat sourced directly from Japan. Our chefs will expertly prepare your steak exactly the way you request, while blending the flavors of Japanese cuisine for a steak experience that is completely unique. Our original menu draws inspiration from the finest Japanese steak restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka, truly living up to our title of the best steakhouse in town.

Fresh Sushi

In addition to a peaceful, fine dining experience, Wasabi Japanese Grill & Bar offers options for phone orders, take out, and catering. Whether you enjoy a long and relaxing evening with us, or just want high-quality, artfully prepared Japanese steak or sushi to enjoy at home, Wasabi Japanese Grill & Bar is an excellent choice for fresh and authentic Japanese cuisine.

Dine on fresh, delicious, and tastefully 
prepared sushi dishes at our traditional 
Japanese restaurant.



Jen C.

Don't let the exterior deter you, the inside is very nice. The Shrimp Killer roll was delicious, Tan Tan ramen was ok, & Katsu chicken was excellent. Service was a bit slow but friendly. Definitely on the list!


Šeila Š.

It was ok... Food - we got 4 diff rolls, while all the rolls tasted decent they were nothing special. All 4 rolls fell apart upon picking up with chop sticks ( we eat sushi frequently and use chopsticks ) the sushi master clearly needs more practice... the presentation of plates was bland, just " wasabi" and ginger. Service - was blah, we ordered drinks and he left and took a while to come back to take our order even thou it was 4:30 and not very busy yet. He also did not know when u asked him if one of the rolls I wanted was cooked.. I am pregnant so I needed cooked ones... my husband had finished his drink and the server never came back till the end when I had to ask for a refill.. he didn't even offer one.. The place - the restaurant overall is ok, if you sit in the dinning only area it's a bit dated, it's also right by the door which is odd as people waiting can see you and there is a hallway right by the " windows " The bathrooms need a good cleaning..... and their floor needs updated as it is old carpet and dirty... Overall it was ok but prob won't be back.


Lawrence J.

We went on Saturday at 6pm, and were told it would be a 30 minute wait for the Hibachi (grill). Fifty-five Minutes later my wife checked at the desk and they told us we were next in line.Thirty minutes later we turned in out 'puck' and left.The hostess came running into the parking lot to offer to seat us, but our 'guest' we were meeting there was already on the way to our next restaurant. I could understand 30minutes turning into 55 minutes, but not an hour and a half. If we ever choose to go back, it will be in the middle of an afternoon (we are retired).


Lacey M.

New to Cheyenne, and wanted to try a sushi place. Ended up at Wasabi and was blown away. The food was awesome and had great flavor, service was on point and the cook was funny, entertaining and made our night. Can't wait to take our out of town guest here when they visit.


Abigail M.

I have only been here once and from that experience I am a fan! The poke bowls are soooo good and you get a lot for your money. Lunch wasn't busy and our service was excellent. Their card machine was down when we got there and they did let us know right away; however, they wanted to write our card number on a piece of paper to be charged later - yikes! That worried us a bit. But they got the system up and running before we left so it all worked out. We did hear the manager offer another table a free meal for their trouble, but no such luck for us or anyone else around us? Odd. I will definitely be back to try the dinner menu and the noodle bowls though!


Bob N.

Not only was the food overpriced, in small portions and of mediocre quality;  a) The original tab included Items that were not served. b) An 18% gratuity was added and no mention was made of it, which elicited my adding another 20% tip in the provided place on the credit card receipt, but shame on me, I guess. c) altho we never expect it, we did ask if they offered a military discount and were assured that it would be applied to the bill.  It wasn't.  Sooo, if you're looking for a small amount of mediocre quality high priced food, this is the place to go.  And be sure to check the tab with a magnifying glass before signing your card receipt.  And if you're one of the many active duty and retired military in the area maybe you should get the mil discount, if there really is one, in writing.  Thanks for the 5 lesson Wasabi.


Colin M.

Food was incredible 10/ 10 very friendly server they gave us free saki great show lots of fun would highly recommend the Saki or lemonade shots


Myrna C.

Ended up here on our road trip from South Dakota to Denver.  Came here because of the reviews that we had seen on Yelp.  I ordered two rolls, 2 sushi pieces  and the dumplings.  All the food had good flavor and the server was very helpful.


The Central S.

This is a really good place to go for sushi.  Have been here about 20 or more times and the quality is consistent.  Like their sushi deluxe, house salad, and miso soup.  I've eaten a ton of sushi in many different states, and I can say this place is pretty darn good.


Lynette S.

The sushi here is consistently SO GOOD!! Which is a good thing, because the service is consistently seriously lacking.


Faye P.

Update: haven't been here in a while, but today I tried for lunch and ordered to go. Stood at the front for about five minutes, no one came up, so went to the back where some staff were chatting, had to ask for help to pick up my order. Waited another 15 minutes because their internet was down and couldn't run my card, which was fine. But when I finally got home and opened my order, the fried rice was hard like it's been sitting out (kind of bummed cause I paid extra for fried rice), and the order was missing the two jumbo shrimp it supposedly comes with. Probably won't go back, not much choices around Cheyenne but I would skip this place for a late lunch to go.


Lana A.

Rude staff. Called to see if they had any lunch specials and the girl said "yes we do, you can see them in the website". Well if there website wasn't down I wouldn't have called in the first place but it is still the rude staff didn't help at all so we ended up going to another place instead


Bella P.

Today's to go order from Wasabi left much to be desired. First we will start with the greeting that took 2 minutes to receive. Once we were greeted I let her know I was there to pick up a to go order. She went to check on it and came back out within a minute or two. She said, "Everything is ready, she's just in back putting it all together."  Fast forward to 20 minutes later, and our order is brought out by a very terse, seemingly annoyed lady. Mind you, there was no explanation as to why the order took so long to be bagged and tagged. At this point, I am already annoyed and have to leave because my lunch time was almost up. I get back to the office and notice the order was not completed. My understanding of steak teriyaki is that the steak is cooked in teriyaki sauce. So, I call Wasabi in order to clarify how they prepare their steak teriyaki. She says that they cook it in a soy sauce that's flavored like teriyaki and they provide teriyaki sauce on the side. To which I reply, "Okay so that is what we are missing then."  Her response is "okay."  I know that the terse and annoyed lady was the lady on the phone. I'm sure anyone that's been to Wasabi recognizes her as the blonde supervisor. In addition to the terrible service, the food was subpar at best. From under seasoned food to over cooked rice. My friend felt sick after eating his meal. I didn't want to write this review, but this is not the first time I've dealt with this at Wasabi. I've held off for awhile, but no longer. This place is only worth it if you sit at the hibachi grill. As for today, I definitely overpaid for this food. I will not be back. Photo for reference. One is hibachi steak and the other teriyaki steak. I can't tell the difference.


Amanda W.

If I could give zero stars I would. I love sushi, I love hibachi but the experience and food of this restaurant is terrible. We asked for hibachi, our waitress assured us it would be cooked on the grill. Which is the reason why we are sitting at the hibachi, for the awesome food and entertainment. Well all we got is entertainment. Husbands food was cooked in the kitchen. I ordered a roll they completely butchered twice! And it's still not fixed (still sitting at the table as I write this) I'm so done with this place. One and done and never ever come back. Our waitress is terrible. Neither of my kids have gotten their soups or salads and I'm starving! WORST MOTHERS DAY EVER AND WORST SUSHI/FOOD in cheyenne. Stay away! It's sad that after 50 minutes of sitting at the hibachi table that we are all still starving... where's the waitress? Couldn't tell you. What I can tell you is I've asked for help from several other servers in the area and still NO help. Oh well.


Krista R.

Upon entering Wasabi the decor and ambiance is warm and moody. A vibrant crowd surrounds the bar and guests spilled out from the habachi section in the back. I sat in the dining area and enjoyed a miso soup as an appetizer. I was impressed with the amount of seaweed and happily surprised by the presence of enoki mushrooms. As an entree I enjoyed a spicy tuna roll and the fox roll with spicy mayo on the side. As a lover and frequent eater of sushi I must say that these two rolls were delightfully five stars. The spicy tuna roll had larger chucks of tuna than I have ever seen and was spiced to perfection. I highly recommend checking out Wasabi if you are ever in Cheyenne.


LaRae J.

Love Wasabi! Thankful to have a Hibachi restaurant in Cheyenne. The bartender here is awesome. I'd recommend going for lunch if you want to spend less. Great venue for a large family or outing with friends.


Angie J.

I love this place! For sushi and noodles! They have the best ramen. I always order from here to go and they always make sure I have everything I need in the bag. Love love love the manager. She addresses all her customers by name and that makes a huge difference. Fresh food!


Brad L.

Solid Japanese restaurant in Cheyenne.  A lucky find.  I was very skeptical about ordering raw fish in Wyoming, but everything has been very fresh and tasty so far.   Their udon is pretty good too!  I will make this at least a couple times a month visit if not weekly.


Jeff L.

Nice place to grab some sushi in Cheyenne, WY. Cheyenne isn't exactly a town known for ethnic food, but Wasabi hits the spot if you are passing through and need a sushi fix.The owner of this restaurant is Chinese, and previously owned the Wasabi restaurant in Bozeman, MT. Nice guy. He was making my sushi and I chatted with him while I ate at the bar.I started with the gyoza appetizer, which was delicious. The rainbow roll was also very yummy. I had four pieces of nigiri as well, and it was all quite good. I'd say this is the best place to get sushi in Cheyenne. There aren't that many, but this is the best.


Bob R.

We made a reservation a few days before our Friday night date.  We arrived a bit early, our reservation was confirmed and then were asked which side of the restaurant we'd prefer.   We had no a priori insight, so we had to ask about the differences in the two sides.   Since we were there for sushi, we chose not to eat on the teppenyaki/hibachi side.  We were directed to a table for two, one of two like tables wedged in a bit too tightly between two pillars.  Getting in and out of the seats required contortion.   I was hoping to find tempura udon or chirashi sushi on the menu but was advised they served neither.   We opted to start with miso soup, but wished we had not; it was very watery and lacked the earthy taste of more plentiful yellow miso.   I opted for a combination of sashimi and a concomitant deluxe roll.   The roll I chose was roughly a spicy tuna roll.  The slices of fish were meager but the roll was large.  We consumed what we could, opted out of a take away box, paid the fare with a nice tip, and squirmed out of our seats.   We are unlikely to make a repeat visit.