Flamingo Caprese - Melon salad with feta and red pesto

Flamingo Caprese #recipe #gourmet guerrilla #vegetarian #summer salad When I am particularly lazy or stressed out and do not feel like it I have time to stand in the kitchen for a long time (like at the moment), then I make this salad. My super-laziness 5-minute refreshment salad so. And he is delicious! Because watermelon and sheep or goat cheese are great, especially in summer. We do not spend too much time on finely chiselled lace work, but simply cut the melon and the cheese into a few large pieces. The are placed somewhat geometrically on each other. Then add a few red onion rings, baby spinach leaves as well as salt and coarse pepper to your whim. Quickly add a few swabs of red pesto on top ... finished my pink flamingo caprese.


Flamingo Caprese #recipe #gourmet guerrilla #vegetarian

Flamingo Caprese #recipe #gourmet guerrilla #vegetarian

Flamingo caprese is also great as a hors d'oeuvre appetizer. Tofu or meat skewers, meatballs or other fried or grilled things are very popular with a main dish. Children love the salad without onions and "the green there".

Flamingo caprese #recipe #gourmet guerrilla #vegetarian

And so it goes for 2 as a main course or 4 as a side dish
The pulp of 1/4 watermelon (like low in nuclear ) and then possibly divide once. 250 g feta ​​strong> (please do not slice the cow's milk - a mixture of goat's milk and sheep's milk!). Arrange the melon pieces with the feta on a large plate or a plate. Slice 1/2 red onion into fine rings and spread on the salad. Season with salt and coarse black pepper . Mix 1-2 tbsp red pesto with a little red wine vinegar and olive oil and sprinkle in swabs on the salad.

Tip: As always in such a place, here comes my beloved admonishing indexer reference for open-minded consumers. When buying pre-fabricated pesto, pay attention to the list of ingredients. One does not suspect what all can hide in such an innocent looking glass! Incidentally, the names of famous English chefs on the label also do not guarantee that the proper ingredients are in the glass. However, the mini bottles cost a lot for it. If you want a really good pesto, then make it ruckizucki - for example, following this delicious recipe from Uwe - yourself:

Red pesto
140g dried tomatoes 50g pine nuts , 1 garlic clove , 15ml olive oil , 30g Parmesan , salt strong>, pepper to the blender or scrub thoroughly with the blender. Keeps covered with olive oil in the fridge for at least 1 week.

Flamingo Caprese #recipe #gourmetguerilla # vegetarian

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