{Vegan & Summer} Cool Asian summer noodles with creamy peanut dressing

W as for a great weekend was that please? Just for the record, if at some point this Nörgel rumor should come up, we would not have had a real summer this year: 16 hours of sun a day, a brightly cleaned, azure sky, warm breezes and happy people out in minimal clothing frolicking (somehow Hotpants are pretty much in the mood for girls again.) And at the moment it is already so bright in our living room that I have to put on the curtains to be able to recognize anything on my folding computer. He is in our midst, summer!

The man and I enjoyed our weekend in relaxed togetherness. The child has the first summer holidays of his life and drives the full pampering program with his grandmother: barbecues, cinema, toy shops, meatballs, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream and the paddling pool in the garden. "Hello mom and dad", he lets us know in his swimming trunks by omagedrehtem mobile film. "This movie is for you. I hope you like it, because I'll show you my latest invention here! "He takes a short break to make his following revelation even more dramatic:" My latest ... ARCHBOMB! "I have to cough briefly, WHAT? You can see how much pleasure he enjoys using a forbidden word. Because: Does someone know an adequate alternative to this word, that with Duden definitely with an "ugs." Is marked? I definitely not ... The child is literally radiant. Then he runs and jumps full load with the popo first in the paddling pool. The water rises nicely to all sides, splashes at least 3 feet wide and coaxes Grandma (who stands only 1 meter next to the inflatable pool and bravely holds up the phone) a wonderful "ÄÄÄHHHIIIIII!" Yes, it looks as though the two have a wonderful time and a lot of fun together. This reminds me of my most beautiful childhood summer with Grandma and Grandpa Garden.

Meanwhile, the man and I are doing things that adults do when they do not have to take care of the offspring: we go out to eat (without stains and admonitions ), stroll romantically (without a skateboard at your feet or at the ankles) and finally make it to the Feiluftkino in Schanzenpark. With a picnic blanket and chilled wine bottles under the clear starry sky, we lie in the middle of the night in the meadow, watching 7 Psychopaths and have fun. Join us: Our favorite summer salad - inspired by Asia, straight from the fridge with plenty of fresh vegetables and a wonderfully spicy-creamy peanut dressing. I would say: At least as refreshing as an A ... - you know that.

Asian summer noodles with creamy peanut dressing # #gourmetguerilla #vegan #asia


Asian summer noodles with creamy peanut dressing #recipe #gourmetguerilla #vegan #asia

Here is the recipe for 4 as a side dish or for 2 to eat:

250 g of Chinese wheat noodles for about 5 minutes Cook in boiling water, drain and quench with cold water. Gently but thoroughly mix in a bowl with 3 tablespoons of toasted sesame oil until all the pasta has gotten some of the oil.

1/2 Snake Cucumber , 2-3 small carrots , 1 small onion , 3 spring onions , 1 yellow pepper and 1 hot pepper 1 thumb piece of ginger and 2-3 garlic cloves peel, finely chop and stir in the peanut dressing.

Add the dressing to the pasta and mix everything, until all over dressing has landed.

Sprinkle peanuts and 1 tablespoon black or white sesame over the pasta before serving. And whoever stands on it, still decorated with fresh coriander or red basil .

Tip: The noodles can be served immediately but are even better if they were allowed to pull something in the fridge. Prepared in advance, the whole keeps loose in the fridge for 3 days. Perfect as a summer dinner, as a lunch in the office, for barbecues or in the outdoor cinema. Chicken or tofu skewers are unbelievably good!

Asian summer noodles with creamy peanut dressing #recipe #gourmet guerrilla #vegan #asia

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GourmetGuerilla - Asian Summer Pasta with creamy peanut dressing